010 – Ralph Stewart – Lob Line Judge and Referee of Channel 5’s “Candlepin Bowling”

Kyle and FrankFace had the distinct pleasure of sitting down and chatting with a legend in the Candlepin Bowling World – Ralph Stewart – The Lob Line Judge and Referee of Channel 5’s “Candlepin Bowling”. Along with Don Gillis, Ralph is the most recognized name from the show’s 37.5 year history. When the show went off the air on January 27th, 1996, it marked a monumental collapse in the popularity of Candlepin bowling from whence it has yet to recover. Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, hang on to your tray tables and join us for an intimate discussion on the production of Candlepin’s legendary show, the state of Candlepin bowling today. And of course, the shoes and socks of Ralph Stewart.

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