Alley Chat – Episode 020


Wamesit Lanes – Candlepin Side

Alley Chat Episode 020 features our good friend and special guest Jeff Surette! Fresh off of a Pro Series victory at Ryan Family Amusements in Millis, MA, Jeff talks to us about bowling in the 2015 ICBA Tournament of Champions. Also, he gives us a sneak peek at the new Bowling Center in Tewksbury,

WamesitMA Wamesit Lanes! Wamesit features 12 Candlepin Lanes, a restaraunt, and enormous arcade and more! We also have some exclusive photos that can be seen only here on Alley Chat’s website! Wamesit Lanes will be an ICBA House, and they are projected to open on November 9, 2015. This episode also includes discussion about the 2015 Men’s World Invitational Tournament and Kyle Bruce’s recap of Week 5 of the Friday Pro League. Be sure to check it out and subscribe to the RSS feed!