Alley Chat Classics is Now Live!

Alley Chat is Proud to Announce the Launch of Alley Chat Classics!

We’ve all reminisced about Channel 5’s Candlepin Bowling, Candlepin Stars & Strikes, and even some of the more obscure Candlepin television shows like Bay State Bowling and Big Shot Bowling. Now, with the help of several contributors, Alley Chat is able to present those memories in digital form!

Alley Chat’s YouTube Channel will now be featuring a sub-channel that will play host to the Candlepin Bowling shows of old, all digitally reformatted to fit your modern High Definition display! So far, we’ve received footage from people like Nick Norcross, Jeremy Seaholm, and Jeff Surette that include legendary Candlepin Classics on Channel 5, WNDS Stars & Strikes, Big Shot Bowling, and even some old World Invitational Team Tournament amateur footage.Subscribe to our YouTube Channel!If you’d like to be a contributor, please email FrankFace. We will gladly accept anyfootage (this includes still photography), and we are fully capable of converting analog footage, so if you have old VHS tapes, please don’t let that stop you from emailing us!

To kick off, we bring you the entire 1989 MBA State Championship Series. This 7-part series was presented specially by Candlepin Doubles with Brian Leary, and features some very exciting matchups!

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