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    thoughts on “Head to Head

    1. Urbie4

      Good stuff! I wouldn’t have the guts to make predictions and all that. Just to add to the note about attendance at the PS Doubles, I obviously wanted to be there, but my partner was sick and — despite concerted efforts that morning — I wasn’t able to line up a sub. :-\

    2. John Kafalas

      Liz’s idea about getting candlepin bowling organized as a varsity sport would be great. In t*npins, there is a lot of college scholarship money available for women’s bowling, because a number of colleges have women’s teams, primarily as a Title IX effort to equalize the number of women athletes. When I worked in a bowling house, I used to tell parents about this, whenever they had girls who were interested in bowling — believe me, it got their attention in a hurry, because anything that helps pay for college is something they’ll pursue! Some colleges have men’s teams, too, but not as many. Of course, getting colleges to play ball would be the other piece — they have to have varsity teams, not just bowling as a club sport (which some also do).

    3. Jon Winchell

      Great episode guys! On the topic of subs for Friday nights, I know that a majority of the guys either don’t want to commit to the full schedule or they don’t want the financial commitment. The travel can also be a big negative factor. A lot of the bowlers on sub lists are more than capable of competing at the level of competition in the league.