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Dan Murphy – 2014 ICBA President’s Cup Recipient


In perhaps what is our highest profile interview yet, Kyle Bruce and Frank DeLuca sit down with Dan Murphy, ICBA HOF Inductee and Preseident’s Cup Award winner on the approach at Boutwell’s Bowl in Concord, NH. Spanning an entire career, Murphy has done it all from competitive appearances on the children’s show “Winning Pins” and Channel 5’s “Candlepin Bowling” to hosting iconic shows such as NESN’s “Big Shot Bowling” with Bob Fouracre and “Candlepin Stars and Strikes” on WNDS with Doug Brown. Dan Murphy was inducted into the ICBA’s Hall of Fame in 1999 for Competitive Ability, and also received the President’s Cup in the 2014 induction ceremony. Similar to a Lifetime Achievement award, this honor immortalizes Murphy’s lifelong dedication to the sport of Candlepin bowling as a proprietor, competitor, instructor, and foremost proponent of the game. After attending his long-running Candlepin Instrcutor’s School, Dan gave the Alley Chat crew the unique opportunity to sit down with him one on one.

Alley Chat Classics is Now Live!

Alley Chat is Proud to Announce the Launch of Alley Chat Classics!

We’ve all reminisced about Channel 5’s Candlepin Bowling, Candlepin Stars & Strikes, and even some of the more obscure Candlepin television shows like Bay State Bowling and Big Shot Bowling. Now, with the help of several contributors, Alley Chat is able to present those memories in digital form!

Alley Chat’s YouTube Channel will now be featuring a sub-channel that will play host to the Candlepin Bowling shows of old, all digitally reformatted to fit your modern High Definition display! So far, we’ve received footage from people like Nick Norcross, Jeremy Seaholm, and Jeff Surette that include legendary Candlepin Classics on Channel 5, WNDS Stars & Strikes, Big Shot Bowling, and even some old World Invitational Team Tournament amateur footage.Subscribe to our YouTube Channel!If you’d like to be a contributor, please email FrankFace. We will gladly accept anyfootage (this includes still photography), and we are fully capable of converting analog footage, so if you have old VHS tapes, please don’t let that stop you from emailing us!

To kick off, we bring you the entire 1989 MBA State Championship Series. This 7-part series was presented specially by Candlepin Doubles with Brian Leary, and features some very exciting matchups!

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007 – International Candlepin Championship – FINAL MATCH – Lucky Strike Lanes (USA) v. Kingswood Mooseheads (CAN)

Formerly known as The Worlds, the 2015 Men’s International Candlepin Championship Final Match – Lucky Strike Lanes of Lynn, Massachusetts faces off against the home team the Kingswood Mooseheads in this exciting concluding match from Fredericton, New Brunswick. Catch the action as Kyle Bruce and Frank DeLuca provide you with superfluous play-by-play and analysis in this exciting exclusive Alley Chat presentation.

006 – New England Knockout 2015 Summer Series FINAL MATCH – Keith Beaupre v. Rich Limone

The Final Cut of the Final Match of the New England Knockout Summer Bracket 2015. Join FrankFace and Tournament Director Nick “Freshy” Zuffelato for this 5 string match between Keith Beaupre and Rich Limone. Recorded on Monday August 3 at the Woburn Bowladrome in Woburn. Massachusetts. Special thanks to the Woburn Bowladrome for allowing us to record and to Scott Moore for the digital scoreboard.

003 – NEKO Summer 2015 Live Drawing

The New England Knockout Bracket Live webcast was a great success! We now have all of our first round matches for the Summer Bracket! Thanks to Freshy for letting us draw the matches on air! Good luck to all of the bowlers this summer. If you missed the live webcast, you can check it out below. Also, the bracket, including the first round matches can be seen below! Download the Excel version of the bracket and fill out your choices. We’d love to see your picks!

Excel version of NEKO Bracket


002 – Alley Chat 2014/15 Pro Series Playoffs – Final Match – Skip Easterbrooks v. Jonathan McDonald

In collaboration of with Urbie Kafalas of UrbVision (UrbTV), Alley Chat is able to bring you the 2014 – 2015 Pro Series Playoffs Final match that took place at Woburn Bowladrome on April 19, 2015. This match features Jonathan McDonald vs. Skip Easterbrooks, who threw a necessary triple strike against Jon Winchell in the semi-final round to earn him a spot in this final match. FrankFace and Kyle Bruce are your hosts, and we’d like to send a special thank you to Urbie Kafalas for providing us with the video footage seen here.