Dan Murphy – 2014 ICBA President’s Cup Recipient


In perhaps what is our highest profile interview yet, Kyle Bruce and Frank DeLuca sit down with Dan Murphy, ICBA HOF Inductee and Preseident’s Cup Award winner on the approach at Boutwell’s Bowl in Concord, NH. Spanning an entire career, Murphy has done it all from competitive appearances on the children’s show “Winning Pins” and Channel 5’s “Candlepin Bowling” to hosting iconic shows such as NESN’s “Big Shot Bowling” with Bob Fouracre and “Candlepin Stars and Strikes” on WNDS with Doug Brown. Dan Murphy was inducted into the ICBA’s Hall of Fame in 1999 for Competitive Ability, and also received the President’s Cup in the 2014 induction ceremony. Similar to a Lifetime Achievement award, this honor immortalizes Murphy’s lifelong dedication to the sport of Candlepin bowling as a proprietor, competitor, instructor, and foremost proponent of the game. After attending his long-running Candlepin Instrcutor’s School, Dan gave the Alley Chat crew the unique opportunity to sit down with him one on one.

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