Alley Chat – Episode 015

The episode you’ve all been waiting for! Liz Moore, the Executive Director of the International Candlepin Bowling Association was kind enough to join us for an interview in our Alley Chat Studio @ FrankFace HQ! Liz talks about how she came into the bowling industry, her goals as Executive Director, and answers listener questions submitted by you! Sit tight for this one, its a great episode! Get comfy, because this is a long episode!

One thought on “Alley Chat – Episode 015

  1. John Kafalas

    Liz’s idea about getting candlepin bowling organized as a varsity sport would be great. In t*npins, there is a lot of college scholarship money available for women’s bowling, because a number of colleges have women’s teams, primarily as a Title IX effort to equalize the number of women athletes. When I worked in a bowling house, I used to tell parents about this, whenever they had girls who were interested in bowling — believe me, it got their attention in a hurry, because anything that helps pay for college is something they’ll pursue! Some colleges have men’s teams, too, but not as many. Of course, getting colleges to play ball would be the other piece — they have to have varsity teams, not just bowling as a club sport (which some also do).

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